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Monday, July 29 2019

Haines City - Have you ever faced a task that, at first, seemed completely impossible but, after a while, you realized that you were actually good at it? Well, that happened to me on June 17 when I decided to give painting a try.

   You see, my parents and my niece were coming to visit me for two weeks and while trying to come up with ideas to help them have a great time here in Central Florida, I decided that we were not going to do the typical amusement park trips, as we always did in the past. I wanted them to do something different and that's when I decided to give Paint Party a try and, oh boy, what a surprise I received when I was able to actually complete a painting all on my own... painting that looked good and not like it was done by a newbie like me.

   Paint Party is a small business in Polk County owned by a Navy Veteran whose main goal is to provide its clients the opportunity to improve their painting skills in the company of friends and family. I have to say that, when I started my painting, I had no idea what I was doing, but after a while, I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to complete the drawing and to apply the colors... as a matter of fact, after finishing the painting, we had a judge (aka my husband) decide which painting was the best, and guess what? I won! And no, it wasn't favoritism as my niece seems to think (wink).

   Are you interested in giving your artistic side a try? I invite you to schedule a paint party with Paint Party. I promise you that you and your family and friends will have an amazing time.

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