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High-functioning anxiety looks like…Achievement. Busyness. Perfectionism. When it sneaks out, it transforms into nervous habits. Nail-biting. Foot tapping. Running my fingers through my hair.

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"I’ve written this article to help educate those who want to learn about chronic illness. It is written from my perspective, that of a doctor who treated patients with chronic illness for many years, and who spent five years of my life homebound due to chronic illness."

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Ever wonder how is that some people can be hit hard in life, have hardships that seem like they would have the power to end their world and their life and yet they overcome it in the most amazing and inexplicable ways? The leave us with admiration, and sometimes even thinking, “I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me…”

Flash news: these people are no different than you and me, they are as human as all of us. No superpowers…well, unless you call RESILIENCE a superpower.

Read Story Here. Published By Mind, Body, Soul: Wholeness.


It is no secret that stress impacts our bodies in many ways and that it could be detrimental to our health. One way that we often ignore is the impact that stress has when it comes to assimilating the food we eat; stress directly affects our digestive system. Have you ever thought that you go through a lot of effort ensuring you are eating the right foods and yet you feel as your body is not responding? That scale number is always going in the opposite direction and you constantly feel deflated with results? Have you stopped to think stress could be the reason?

Read Story Here. Published By Mind, Body, Soul: Wholeness.


Mindfulness can easily be thought of as a retreat from the outsized challenges leaders often face. But when things get tough, that’s when your mindfulness practice actually shines. Here’s how taking the time to ask yourself what’s actually happening can make or break your workday.

Read Story Here. Published By Mindful.


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Most of us associate looking in the mirror with narcissism or feelings of inadequacy, but learning how to see yourself in your own reflection can increase self-compassion, aid stress management, and improve relationships and emotional resilience.

Read Story Here. Published By Mindful.


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