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Friday, November 01 2019

By: M.C. Reyes, Editor-in-Chief.

Auburndale - This month, on The Student Leader of the Month, we want to feature a student from Auburndale High School who has used her leadership role to make a difference in her school. We had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah Powell, and this is what she shared with us:

NEPG: Which grade are you attending right now?

Deborah:  I am a sophomore at Auburndale High School.


NEPG: What leadership position are you responsible for?

Deborah:  I am the captain of the JV volleyball team at my school.


NEPG: Tell us about how your leadership approach has influenced others

around you.

Deborah: I try to encourage my teammates to stay positive on the court and to stay

calm and "out of their heads." I always want my teammates to be having fun and

succeeding in their sport.


NEPG: What are your plans for this school year?

Deborah: I plan to stay focused in school and on the court. Other than playing on the

Auburndale High School volleyball team, I also plan to continue playing on a club

team for Top Select Volleyball. I plan on doing volunteer work for The National

Honor Society and making the best of my sophomore year.


NEPG: What would be your message for younger kids who are planning on

taking a leadership role within their school and/or their community?

Deborah: To always stay positive and open-minded. When having a leadership role,

it's good to take it seriously but to have fun with it as well and to enjoy the experience.

Having a leadership role is such a great way to create amazing relationships with

others. From my experience, I have such a strong bond with my teammates now.


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